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Being locals of the island, and coming from a background of history, architecture and art, our Sri Lanka Holidays are, to put it simply, perfectly curated to suit western travellers. Rather than just focus on the highlights, we make sure you get a true taste of your destination. This is done by engaging you in lively conversations that connect the dots of the past to the contemporary and by immersing you into fascinating cross cultural experiences that you will remember for the rest of your life.We are not mere guides - we are experts at what we do.

In Sri Lanka, Hindu and Buddhist kingdoms date back thousands of years – the Sinhalese monarchy was arguably one of the world’s oldest continuing monarchy, with a continuous lineage that lasted over 2300 years until 1972.

It was pearls and glittering gems that bought the Arabs to trade. In the 15th century, the allure of spices and Cinnamon paved way for the Portuguese and the Dutch who built the first European forts on the Island. The British then followed, bringing tea, coffee, the railways and snooty clubs. This rich history has amalgamated into a diverse and vibrant culture, reflected in the country’s cuisine, architecture and way of life.

Today, Sri Lanka is home to hundreds of kilometres of picture-perfect palm lined beaches, rolling hills of tea plantations, temples and sites that date back millennia along which lie colonial mansions and ancient forests which boasts of the highest density of leopards and elephants in the wild. It is also a birders delight with over 400 different species of birds, many endemic. Whales – including the majestic Blue whale and dolphins populate the islands warm costal waters, and five of the world’s seven turtle species come to nest on the sands of Sri Lanka.

Escorted by Expert Cultural Custodians, not merely guides.

Tours of Sri Lanka


Our guides

Motorcycle and Wildlife Guide

Jonathan McLeod

Jonathan is of Anglo Indian heritage, born and bought up in Chennai. He has a deep love for motorcycles and wildlife and leads our motorcycle tours.

Motorcycle and Wildlife Guide

Pradeep S

Pradeep focuses on wildlife education and outreach. He leads our wildlife programs and motorcycle tours.

South India Guide

Hermie M

Hermie has interacted with 1000s of travellers and has led many, many tours across South India.

South India Guide

Seetharam VN

Seetharam is acknowledged as an expert in Indian architecture, sculpture, Indology and culture.

South India Guide

Chandan S

Chandan leads many of Indian Expeditions trips, and has garnered raving reviews from almost all the guests he has led.